So, you don't want to DM random people on Twitter and lose your reputation. But still wanna build your brand awareness?

Well, there's a way.

Enter #ColdCommunity.
The people in here actually expect you to send cold messages to them. Feelin' a bit warm already, are we?

Check any community member's public metrics and decide if you want to start/continue a conversation.

Check any community member's public metrics and decide if you want to start/continue a conversation.

If you have your email address on your Twitter/Linkedin bio, we'd recommend against it.

You wouldn't put your phone number on it. Why wouldn't you do the same with your email address?

If you still want to provide a way for people to reach you professionally, do this instead.

People like us want to

connect with

people like you

We understand your hesitation to reply to messages from strangers due to the growing number of scammers and bots. That's exactly why we've built this place. Just a community with some genuine, passionate people.

Join the #ColdCommunity

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at or DM us at @colddmhq

    • What is Cold DM (Community) all about?

      Cold DM is a community of people who either want to reach out to people of interest (or) want to share their knowledge and listen to new opportunities (or) in most cases, both.

    • Why should I use this instead of directly sending emails or DMs?

      Social networking sites are being crowded with spammers & bots which has been discouraging people to open emails/message requests from unknown people & miss out on good opportunities.

    • I don't wanna reach out to anybody. Why should I use Cold DM?

      Cold DMs don't just benefit the sender. They benefit the recipient too in finding new meaningful opportunities & parternships when they weren't even looking for it. Also it's free for you.

    • Is this another messenger?

      Well, no. We help you make the initial connection & once you have it, you can continue your conversation on any platform the recipient wants.

    • What are templates? How do I use them?

      Like we said, we're not a messenger. So the only way you can converse is using templates. Templates allow you to personalize your message to your recipients.

    • What are those user metrics you're talking about?

      Cold DM relies on 2 important metrics - DM Quality & Response Rating. DM Quality is the rating associated to an user calculated based on the messages he/she sends to other users in the community. Response rating is simply the percentage of DMs responded by an user.

    • Is this a free service?

      Joining the community and receiving DMs about new opportunities is free. We do however charge you for sending DMs to keep this community spam-free.

    • What happens if I cancel my subscription?

      You can cancel your subscription at any time. You'll still have all the access to the paid features until the end of that subscription period.

    • Can I still use Cold DM after I cancel my subscription?

      Yes, you can. You'll always be able to recieve DMs from other people.